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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hai evryone!!!

entry kali ni i want to tell u about my presentation BEL yesterday..

i am very excited + nervous...
my group n i are very exhausted to complete dis asessment..

padahal time present bukan lec nk taw sgt produk kte...
she just want 2 evaluate us in how well we speak in english..
how we pronounce and deliver da content..

feel very dissapointed..
at least show us dat u interested 2 listen..
but nvrmind..
seme da lepas..

for da next asessment i will do better to get higher marks..

i will improve  evry subject i take dis sem..
and also improve my attitude even kadang2 rase malas sgt..
tp 2 seme membawa padahh..
angguk jela eh???

good2 la korunk!!!
sampai cni jela entry kali..

and lastly...

                                         hepy bestday to AS...!!
                  may god bless u in all you do...
gud luck in your life n hope ur dream will come true
           enjoy your life even it just for a while..

                    syg u lebih lah!!

   enjoy some piccy....

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